About Us

About Us

Who you are
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Why you do it

Who Are WE

We`re LOCAL!  We are a part of your neighbourhood.

Designed and developed in British Columbia, our database servers are located in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. 

But our Local Ambassadors assisting you in your neighbourhood are local entrepreneurs.

And 80% of all listing revenue received stays in your community.  60% to to the Local Ambassador and 20% to local charity.

What Do We Do

Our motto is "Where Canada Finds LOCAL!TM"

We build community portals where consumers can find community businesses, coupons, deals, jobs, properties for sale, and local events and happenings.


We're in business to help save LOCAL!

We want to make LOCAL searching simple and efficient.  Our mission is to support local business owners in facilitating connections between them and consumers, and by extension improving lives as they find new work and helping the organizations who employ them grow and thrive.


Our vision is to help every community and region find their LOCAL!


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